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5 Common Air Conditioning Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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Your air conditioning (AC) unit requires regular maintenance to increase its efficiency and prevent breakdowns, especially in the summer. It’s one of those hot summer days and your air conditioning breaks down. Your first instinct is to call the air conditioning repair company, however, during this time they are probably too busy to respond as fast as you’d want them to. You can save yourself some time and money by troubleshooting some common air conditioning problems and repair them yourself. But, before doing any work on your air conditioning unit, remember to turn off the machine. Some of the common air conditioning repairs you can do yourself include:

1. Reset Air Conditioning Unit

Sometimes, rather than needing an air conditioning repair, your AC unit needs a simple reboot. Resetting your air conditioning unit is the most common troubleshooting procedure you should attempt before contacting a technician. You can do this by cycling power to the air conditioning unit. First, locate the shutoff panel and turn the unit off, and then turn the 240-volt circuit to the off position. Wait a few minutes and turn them both back on. This will restore power to the air conditioning unit and reset it.

2. Check Air Conditioning Filters and Coils

Your air conditioning may perform poorly if there is an inadequate release of heat energy, which could be due to dirty or blocked coils. You can easily clean dirty coils on the outside part of the air conditioning, but those on the inside part should be left to a professional.
Dirty or clogged air conditioning filters reduce air flow and can also cause the unit to freeze. You can check if the air conditioning filters need cleaning by seeing if any light passes through it. If not, then it’s time to change your air conditioning filter. For future maintenance purposes, change the air conditioning filters regularly, as suggested by the manufacturer.

3. Check Air Conditioning Breakers and Fuses

Air conditioning breakers and fuses protect the unit’s motor from overheating. Therefore, when the motor dies, it could be as a result of a simple tripped breaker. If it has tripped halfway, turn it off completely first, then turn it back on. Some air conditioning units have a breaker or a level switch placed in an outdoor electrical box. Check to ensure the breaker or the level switch on your air conditioner isn’t tampered with. The blower motor could also die due to the overflow shut-off switch. A clogged drain line can set off the switch, and all you have to do is unclog the hose or the drain line.

4. Check the Batteries in your Thermostat

The thermostat controls the level of temperature in your home. If it is battery operated, it may not function simply because it requires new batteries. Make sure the inside of your thermostat is clean and is not affected by direct sunlight. Settings can get accidentally changed. Therefore, ensure it is set to the right temperature levels. Also, check if the unit is on or if it’s just set to have the fan blow.

5. Melt the Ice on a Frozen Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is frozen or iced up, it may not function property. You can melt the ice on an air conditioner by simply turning the unit off and letting the ice melt on its own. Or you can turn the air conditioning unit to the off position and just run the fan. Let the fan run for a few hours and defrost the ice build-up, after which the unit will start working again.

All these quick fixes will buy you some time before major repairs. However, some issues may be too major for you to fix, or the problems can persist even after doing repairs yourself. If that’s the case, you need the help of a qualified technician. You can also schedule regular maintenance to ensure your air conditioning is running smoothly when you need it the most.

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